Tuesday, November 30, 2010

let's agree to disagree

Facebook. Reason #862 why you didn't apply to that job yesterday. Getting on the massive time suck site can really veer a job seeker off course. Never fear my employment challenged friends, a sweet justification is near! Monster.com's FB page hosts many 'getting hired' handy tools.

Last month the company asked jobseekers to submit questions about jobs and the economy they’d like to have answered by the White House. Although there is a ton of responses already, it's been said that the most interesting questions (most "likes") will actually be answered by the WH. Bring it Barack.

Need a couple more justifications to spend time on FB that don't include stalking your ex?
  • Connect with the almost 11,500 people who dig Monster
  • Get informed and entertained by the nearly 60 videos
  • Find job events near you
  • Trash talk my old employer on the Wall (on second thought, skip that)
Maybe someday YOU could be on their Success Story tab.