Saturday, July 30, 2011

it's crunch time

Think Amazon's 1-Click ordering. Think social media buttons at the bottom of any internet article. Now think online job submission. This digital combo is LinkedIn's recent attempt at streamlining the web employment process.

“Our goal with Apply With LinkedIn is to help every professional put their best foot forward, anywhere across the web when they take that leap to apply for a new position,” - Jonathan Seitel, LinkedIn Technical Product Manager

Reviews are mixed about the Pros and Cons.

*Helps potential employees hit application volume numbers faster.
*3 clicks to application and 0 cover letter.
*Uniform and searchable submission data for employers.

*Mass employee impulse applications.
*Employees in the relationship building process are being undermined. Eroding LinkedIn's job board point-of-difference that it creates personal and direct connections from employee to employer.
*Increased time and money waste for employers having to sift through an even larger applicant pool. Good candidates getting the boot because there are too many considerations.

Technology help or hinderance? You decide.