Sunday, February 8, 2009

there is no *I* in team

Greetings online friends and neighbors. I've got an invitation for you. I ask you to join me on an adventure. An electronic adventure to explore the online world around us and how we can navigate this landscape to get paid and be happy. We’re talking about exploring ourselves through Internet career development, folks. 

Some of us will take this journey from the lonely waters of unemployment. Some of us are reading ahead because they feel the world is about to crash around them and are looking for safe ground. The lucky folks who still have a place to go 9-5 might be feeling like there is something else out there, that this just isn’t it. Greater good people, greater good. Does living the dream, doing good, and giving back through your job feel good to anyone else out there? If I got a yes from you, then you got a friend in me. 

So how’s about you and me head off into this crazy online space and see what we can find about who we are, what skills we have that we alone express uniquely, and how those elements construct to build a purpose for us. How will we make all these connections? Come with me and I’ll show you. Just a heads up - I’ve got a few ideas but this is a journey for all of us. I might uncover only a fraction of what’s out there. It’s a dense jungle of possibilities that is easier explored and compiled together. So how about it - you in?

If you decide to forge ahead, turn to page 4.
If you decide to turn back, turn to page 5.

Stay tuned...


  1. Hi NLP - found you through my friend Heather who just told me about your blog. I used to work with her but got laid off last year the same day she did. Still looking for work (that's misleading though - I haven't been looking for the whole year. I went travelling for four months and did find a 2 month contract when I got back) so I look forward to reading your blog with interest. Good luck!

  2. Hello 110% Girl, I was cruising the blogosphere and stumbled across your site. Good luck with your job search, it's a jungle out there. I currently have a job that I actually enjoy here in Phoenix, Arizona. In the past we've usually had one of the hotter job markets in the nation, but we're taking our lumps here as well right now.

  3. Hey 110%-Using this amazing community of like interests called the internet, as the path to discovery seems a likely way for many job seekers to follow. As an old voyager, want ads and networking were the only trails to follow. Your opportunities exist in a vast geographic plane that is only a key stroke away. You know how to reach out and use this tool, you know its possibilities,you can re-think how the internet can be used to do a better job at selling/ communicating. Take that answer to us old vayagers and the path to employment might well open. Good Luck

  4. Hey Laura, Cool Guy, and Dick – thanks for posting your comments. For me this electronic tool is about not just starting a conversation but getting into a running dialog about the ins and outs of online career searching/development. Your voices contribute to make this real.

    Laura: I hear you about “wanting” to get a job. I went through MONTHS last year saying to others and myself that I wanted one but the truth is, I didn’t. First step, acknowledgement. Good on you for getting out and traveling. Minus the financial impact of doing that, I think we should all pack a bag and hit the road for a little international perspective.

    Cool Guy: I am glad you are not only listening in but also sharing your experience about having and job and liking it. It’s important that ALL voices are heard, not just the disgruntled ones. Hang on to what you got and have a good time doing it! PS, are they hiring?!

    Dick: What a wonderful share. You paint with words well. I think you are right, this is a voyage for us all, young and old. Something that I would hold on to from your posting is the idea of re-thinking the Internet. There is SO MUCH that can happen and be done that I’m interested to sculpt that into existence through this blog.

    Take care all and keep up the blog feedback!
    :-) Nik

  5. It has become readily apparent in these young years that the truth in happiness resounds only from that which drives passion and true purpose. While I do not regret the lessons of destroying a body strong, there is surely a need to chase after that which my heart speaks about in the waning moments of waking. The discovery and welcoming of what our souls speak rearding our choice of labour is both profound and fulfilling. Many today lose sight of that horizon. Thank God that there are others put in this world to help maintain some clarity/sanity/etc.(put your word here lol); as well as to help us see that we all play parts together in our highly personal and unique work experiences. It is gratifying to witness this tool and product of a sound, well-grounded Nicole Purmal thoughtfully striving to assist others in what has become a decidedly harsh world of employment.

  6. Howdy yeska - thanks for com(ing)menting by!
    Great feedback, makes me think maybe I should give it all up and become an online magic eight-ball.

    True passion and truth are powerful things. If we could break out of the stories that confine us - get out of our own way then I am a true believer that anything is possible.

    Harsh employment world yes but we got each other so with intention, dedication, and a bit of luck we'll all make it out alive.

    Keep on keepin' on.

    :-) Nik