Thursday, December 1, 2011

moving forward

Can you hear the holiday music playing? It's my retail opinion that the Halloween costumes aren't even out of the store before you can hear Bing busting out those warm and fuzzy Christmas carols. Although this post is not sponsored by your local shopping mall, there is a gifting message for you. Give the gift of a job ~ or at least a job recommendaaion. Some of you  might be aware that HR departments give employee rewards for referrals that result in sustained employment. That can be upwards of a couple hundred or thousand bucks. Hellooooo holiday presents.


There is a new website that makes job gifting a breeze. It's called Top Prospect. Just found this sucker and it looks like a great way to look through your friends and match them up with open job positions which could result in YOU getting a little green (cash that is, not envy).

Point, click, and connect your way to good career karma. Yes, this does get your buddy a job but ask them to return the favor. Call it a holiday present. Now you don't have to regift the loud Christmas sweater crazy aunt Suzie gave you 'cause you are low on financial resources.

Today's post is brought to you by the letter 'E' for Employment.