Sunday, December 26, 2010

the lion's share of the work


That is binary code for - A New Job is Just Around the Corner. Ok, my binary code writing is a little rusty but it STILL represents some kind of data.

Making sense of Internet data, namely your online resume, is a huge undertaking for HR folks. To aid them in their search for the best-fitting candidate, many are employing technology that uses a semantic program to evaluate the enormous volume of resume data. To explain…

Scenario: pretend for a moment that you have a job. You’re an HR person and you need to match up an open job position you have with hundreds or thousands of candidates. Feeling a little ~ needle in a haystack?

Solution A: you spend weeks and weeks wading though resumes looking for top contenders.

Solution B: you spend a couple hours looking through resumes that have been selected for you by a resume semantics program.

Survey says – Solution B.


You remember those 2D cartoons - fun, colorful, and entertaining but a flat visual compared to 3D. Think of the currently popular 3D CG animated films that literally jump off the screen and blow your mind. The 3D/CG example is the semantic programs for HR folks. It’s not JUST pinging keywords (2D). Semantic programs are making contextual relevance of your resume position descriptions (3D). This will yield HR personal better candidate results for open positions. Do yourself a favor folks and create context in your resume, the 3D version of you on paper, so that the hiring programs and people can find you.