Thursday, May 6, 2010

knock the ball outta the park

Folks, Twitter is still here. Despite the confusion about its utility, there are ways to bring Twitter into your life without having to dress in a big bird suite.

For our purposes, we'll stick to how Twitter can be your 411 for job searching. First at bat, your Twitter bio. IF people like recruiters and hiring managers check you out, let them and your following audience know you are on a job search. Don't forget to point to other elements of your online presence and capabilities. Include links to your personal .com, blog, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio like the one we talked about earlier on Visual CV.

Submitting for a job online can seem like there is no real HR person on the other side the Submit button. Twitter can give you access to the faceless folks who are looking for good talent everyday. Find HR recruiters at companies you are interested in working for and follow them. They are sure to tweet job avails as they come up and you'll be the first to know.

Next at bat, identify a company you would like to work for then look within "your" department. Find your potential boss and follow him or her. You'll get a good idea if this is the kind of person you would like to work for. This also provides you with talking points if you can score an interview with the person.

Another area within Twitter to consider are hashtags like #JobAdvice. Find out what is going on in your industry and contribute back with interesting insights. Don't forget the law of Giving and Receiving. If you need a job - help others find one. If you come upon a Tweet for a sweet gig but it doesn't jive with what you are up to - pass it on to someone who could benefit from the posting.

Last at bat, take it easy on what you inform the world about. Yes, I would like to hear about an interesting job you found NOT what your cat just dropped off in the litter box.

It's your turn on deck friend.