Monday, September 3, 2012

leave your footprint on the project

Every blog entry needs an injection of Self. Here's mine..  

Some of my Oh So Keen childhood memories include trying desperately to get people to like me. These attempts followed me like a loyal dog into adulthood. My later in life, Do You Like Me list of people is comprised of a new audience - hiring managers. This life changing group of people sit on the golden throne of employment. Getting their approval is task A#1.

Now lets talk law of numbers. I think we all agree that the more you put yourself out there, the more likely it is that you'll get picked. This can be a daunting Do You Like Me effort based on the sheer volume of contacts and repeat communications you need to generate to keep the funnel full. My suggestion this month? JibberJobber.

I can already hear you. What is this JibberJobber? Getting to that, friends.

JibberJobber is an online job search management system. It's a digital resource that helps you keep track of your applications, resumes, and professional connections. The hiring process can now be organized online and seem a little less overwhelming. Check it out, friends. As a reminder, I don't get a free toaster if 10 of you sign up. All I offer is suggestions, no advertising. Note that JibberJobber does have a free version but as usual, the more vamped up version always offers more bells and whistles.



Conclusion: check here if you want to be my friend/hire me.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

can't see the forest for the trees

What we have gathered together to consider in this online forum is how to get a job using the Internet. Today's tip/trick is utilizing the new(ish) online sensation - Pinterest. For those of you who dig picture collections and digital functionality, Pinterest is your huckleberry. This online gallery organizes people's image collections into different category boards. As you might have already guessed, you "pin" pictures you are "interested" in to different category boards in your collection. Are you interested in vintage fashion? Pin your pix and pour over others postings. Can't get enough concept cars? There's a board for you too. But lets not forget what WE are interested in, say it with me, folks: employment! You can create your Pinterest Employment Board at no cost and relatively quickly. By signing up and uploading shots of your portfolio, employers will be able to see you're tech savvy, in on the digital trends, and an accomplished working professional. Check out this video review of the digital employment resource. Note, it's part of a series, so drop in on minute 1.46 to get the quick 411. Good luck on pinning your way to a paycheck.


Monday, April 9, 2012

stop beating around the bush

brite conference: brands, innovation, technology - Columbia Business School, Center on Global Brand Leadership

In March, I participated at the BRITE conference. 

"BRITE is a global series of conferences that focus on emerging trends in branding, innovation, technology, society, and culture. BRITE events bring together big thinkers from business, technology, media, and marketing to discuss how today's big ideas are reshaping the ways that organizations build and sustain great brands. BRITE provides attendees with engaging presentations that will stimulate their thinking when they return to the office to work on strengthening their own brands. Our speakers come equiped with inspiring stories, creative content, and universal insights that show how innovative strategies and tactics can help build all kinds of brands, whether they are people, places, products, services or ideas." - BRITE website

Yes, the conference focused on branding but I was interested in something Cathy Benko shared with the group. Cathy, Vice Chairman and Managing Principal, Brand Deloitte LLP spoke to attendees about her experience and personal position on how careers evolve. For quite some time, I have believed in this silent but unavoidable story that a person gets a job, does well, and moves up. I've felt this undercurrent of shared belief that a person should only move up in their career - bigger, better, new, next (first image below). I was surprised to see an info graph Cathy shared, which revealed that most careers today are built going in multiple directions (second image). I would love to know - is that your experience? When I draw my path it looks like a roller coaster at an amusement park. What does yours look like?

Cathy Benko Vice Chairman and Managing Principal, Brand Deloitte LLP

For more on the BRITE conference, check out this video:

Ok, this has no relevance to the blog but I have seen many power point presentations in my life but none have been as colorful as Bob Garfield's…  I heart projection profanity. 

Bob Garfield Host of NPR’s On the Media; editor for Ad Age;  Author of The Chaos Scenario

Friday, March 2, 2012

that's just a drop in the bucket

Money and employment are connected. Is the connection so entangled that you forget who is paying whom? In this posting, we're gonna hear from Nick Corcodilos who shares about the traps and trends in for-hire employment services. Examples that I have come across in my own experience are sites like and Both of these sites require a membership or payment to get access to exclusive job listings. Have I gotten access to something special and different than the non-paying job search folks ~ meh? On the other hand, paying LinkedIn $55+ a month seems worth it 'cause I get direct access to hiring managers.

The big advice from our northern neighbor Nicky C.?
“Never, ever pay anyone a dime to find you a job.”
You decide...

Thanks CBC TV in Canada!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

let's not put the cart before the horse

Teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and sounds.

Are you ready for a new teacher? I found you an electronic one. Yup, for your career progress pleasure, I present you with….Job Search Boot Camp! The crew over at Mediabistro has combined their many job search resources and dumped it all online. Register for this digital development series and you'll spend four weeks hobnobbing with the best and the brightest in the biz. Here's how the interactive online event and workshops support you:
  • Live video presentations and interactive Q&A sessions from coaches and experts. 
  • Feedback on your resume, cover letters, and other application materials.
  • Exploring new media tools as you clarify your career path. 
There are early bird prices which look like a pretty good value at $80. Regular registration is $125. It's likely these are offered every quarter. Check in today to see when the next session starts. So come on, what have you got to lose? Probably not your job. Go get 'em champ.

More info at: @mediabistro or #jobsearchbootcamp 

Monday, January 2, 2012

go with the flow

Batman had Robin          --          The Lone Ranger had Tonto          --          Maverick had Goose

What do we have? LinkedIn. Yes, Constant Online Reader, I said LinkedIn. It's our pal, our support, our access to takin' care-o-business. We are once again looking at LinkedIn.

[come on, this is an online job search blog. how do we not talk about linkedin a zillion times?]

Lets combine the conversation about video webcasts and this months topic of LinkedIn. I recently found out that LinkedIn does a free webinar about maximizing your LinkedIn profile for job search purposes. In advance, I will say that I feel this webinar is offered to promote one of LinkedIn's products - Job Seeker Premium. Shameless promotion aside, there is still value to be had in this 60 minute shake down. Here's a few of my take aways (and no, once more, I do not work for LinkedIn):
  • There's 120 million professionals using LinkedIn.
  • There are 1 million company profiles. 
  • For employer and search engine purposes - your profile must contain key words, key words, key words. Can't say it enough - KEY WORDS! Your profile needs to be content rich with the language of your industry and desired position. You will be indexed and ranked accordingly.
  • Check out the competition. Search for your doppelgangers at other companies and see how they are positioning themselves. Strive to be the key word/content king of the castle.
  • The presenter shared that the standard for community engagement on LinkedIn is to comment and connect at least one to three times weekly. 
There's more to mention but really that's what the free webinar is for - so have at it.