Wednesday, January 5, 2011

take it with a grain of salt

Among us brothers and sisters are people who HAVE jobs but are looking for something else. Perhaps daunted with the yo-yo unemployment numbers - they stay in bad working relationships. Feel for these employed but burdened brethren because Big Brother is on their back.

JT and Dale, at King Features, recently received a question from a job seeker that demonstrates why we should not covet thy neighbors job:
I am currently in a position I hate, working for an employer I dislike. I want to look for a new job while I have a job, but I have a challenge: My company uses some sort of service that notifies them as soon as someone posts a resume on a big job site using the company name. So how do I go about looking for a job when my current job will be in immediate jeopardy?
Yikes, right?! The crew at Talk Jobs subscribes to a Fishbowl Assumption theory that everyone finds out everything. Their advise? Go into stealth mode when looking and be prepared with a well-rehearsed "surprisey-face" or cover story for plausible deniability purposes.

Good recommendations just the same. Have a read...