Thursday, October 13, 2011

fail to plan and plan to fail

We all wanna make a buck. How do you do that quickly and with integrity? 

No, honestly, I am asking YOU. How do you do did? 
[email me if you have the answer - I promise a profit split]

Professional coaches have decided to accomplish this is by offering free seminars. Coaches are doing this to attract potential clients and gain back end percentages or fees. What does this mean to you, my digital career connecting crew? YOU can get FREE guidance and inspiration. Here's the deal...

Consultants and coaches offer no cost seminars over the phone or online video about a variety topics that might interest you. Here's a couple career-cash examples:
  • Dan Jessup, Groupon’s Head of People Strategy, discusses precisely how candidates can attract attention in fast-growth markets and land their ideal job.
  • Jean Allen, partner at top search firm Heidrick & Struggles, is a veteran financial services recruiter and she discusses how she has seen candidates succeed in the job search so you can land the position you want at the company you want
  • Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest networking organization, shares cutting-edge networking strategies to broaden and strengthen your networks.
  • Sage Lavine, Unlock your Purpose & Make Money Living It!
  • Rha Goddess, Live Your Dream Now! How to Stay True, Get Paid, Do Good
  • Pam Slim and Desiree Adaway, Partnerships: How to join forces with other business owners, non-profits and sponsors-for impact, for influence, for profit, and to change the world.
These are just a few examples of video and tele-summits offered recently. The key to this free, value loaded info session is to participate live. If you miss the session then you more then likely have 24-48 hours to catch the recording. After that time, it'll cost you, usually around $50 for the series. Considering you can participate from anywhere there is a phone or computer and it only takes an hour and an email address ~ why not give it a try? 

Let us know if you find a series you really like.