Tuesday, August 11, 2009

let's not beat a dead horse

Online Job Tool #862

PEOPLE, PeOpLe, people. Do I have the answer for you! Remember that "potential" boss you had an interview with that never got back to you? Payback, err - make that feedback, time is here.

The folks at EmailYourInterviewer.com have created the perfect communication to tell that almost super boss of yours to shape up. They have written an email that says it all...


A job candidate you recently interviewed asked to have this letter sent on his/her behalf and is utilizing this anonymous message service because he/she knows that writing personally would burn bridges.

The candidate never received a response from you about the outcome of his/her candidacy.

As you probably know, most job candidates put significant time and effort into preparing for a job interview: Many spend hours reading up on your company and industry and thinking about how they could best offer something of value to you. They may take a day off work and spend time and money traveling to you. And then they wait ... and wait and wait, anxiously hoping for an answer, any answer.

A quick email or form letter letting the candidate know he or she is no longer under consideration -- that's all it takes. Candidates deserve that. And so does your organization, which looks unprofessional when you leave candidates hanging.

On behalf of your past and future candidates, won't you please reconsider your practices?

A Fellow
Hiring Manager

The best part is that they will SEND IT FOR YOU! No damaged relationships. See what all the fuss is about - http://www.emailyourinterviewer.com/.

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