Monday, February 23, 2009

the whole nine yards

And the resume info keeps on rollin'...

It’s always possible that you, dear user, are an audio learner. If this is the case, then perhaps the podcast is your key method of learning. There are many available online. Anyone can listen in on this Columbia U. podcast but only affiliated students can get the teleseminar materials that are referenced. If you don't attend Columbia, do not fret.  Contact your alma matter to make sure they offer similar support. In the following YouTube video/podcast, you can see how the author uses PowerPoint to walk through the basic components of the resume: 

Before I jump off the career assistance topic of your beloved college or university, I do want to provide you with an excellent info packet that I know has helped me move forward on a few of my resume strategies. Again, I implore you to shake down your universities career resource office to help you in any way they can. For my fellow Columbia students, the Career Education dept offers many resources for our search.

For some of us, this is all too much work and we would rather be logging Facebook hours, watching as many Instant Netflicks as possible [did you know they have a career selection?], or playing Wii until the wee hours of the morning. Sound familiar? If so, there are an amazing number of paid ways to go. Careerbeam offers a service at ten bucks a month with the option to upgrade to some super sweet online product offereings like a seminar series. Another pay for resource is Peterson's Resume Edge. These guys work with the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Hot Jobs.

If you’ve got the green backs and are looking for a resource that’s not online, then consider different software packages. About a thousand years ago, I got the Resume Maker suite that helped me put my first out-of-college resume together. Granted, the software doesn’t give you that much-needed-experience-just-out-of-school, but it did help me craft what to say about where I wanted to go. Although I am talking about having been a recent college grad when I was working with this resume resource - don’t dis it as a vet of the working world. It works for all experience levels.

This next resume resource does sneak into the social networking area, but it’s just too cool to step over or wait for. This web resource, from Peterson's RE, helps you publish an online resume. Looking to share just a link instead of passing the paper version? In ten minutes, your resume can have a URL of its very own. Here’s my jake version:

Now THIS, my friends, is an interesting place to sit online. At the Visual CV web site, users are not only able to establish themselves online, BUT may also add many different multi-media elements to round out the resume to provide more of an electronic portfolio. What better way to impress prospective employers than with actual work or accomplishments?! Check out what this guy did.
This is definitely a great place for folks who need to showcase their projects or talents. Don't just leave this for the artistic types. Upload examples of campaigns you've worked with, proposals you've developed, or any variety of bigger then text examples of your accomplishments.

Lastly, if you are looking to work the system to make money, then this recent paid search ad might interest you:
Do you have any other unique resume approaches that have been successful for you? Blog me back, baby!


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I found this article on today and thought you might be interested:

    But please - please! - do not go to It is NSFW (Not Safe for Work)! Just kidding. It's just a news aggregator. No seriously, don't go there! Kidding, kidding, it's safe... but it's not really...haha, I'm kidding...or not...etc... haha

  2. Wei thanks for posting! You are ahead of the game with that link - we're gonna be looking at these folks in upcoming posts so thanks for getting the conversation started. NOTE that they also looked at/liked the Visual CV site!

  3. Found another resume resource!

    Did not include these guys on the original post but if you are thinking about creating a DVD that highlights your skillz then this video is worth watching...

    Side note, if you are interested, has an eNewsletter sign up for career specific topics on the left side of of the page in the link above.


  4. Hi Nikki!

    I love your quick URL resume version! I've not seen that before, so thanks for opening my eyes. Very cool.


  5. Heather: I tots love the idea of having an URL that is a straight up resume that sits online that I can direct anyone (employers) to visit. Maybe the next move is to actually conduct a one-way video interview and post it so interested companies can check me out!

    Thanks again and keep up the blog feedback!
    :-) Nik

  6. Hey folks just found another source for handing over a resume via www. Follow this path on Yahoo's Hot Jobs to get listed today: >>
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    *URL: Create a public URL*

    Good Luck. :)