Thursday, March 31, 2011

comparing apples to oranges

Did you go to college? I did, Ohio (think Bobcat not Buckeye) and Columbia University. Let's go back to those good old college days. Regardless if you went for the education or experience - your affiliation can still pay off. Most schools have a career department you can access online.

Pictured above is the online presence for Columbia's Career Education department. This web resource is an untapped gold mine for Employers, Students, Alumni, Faculty & Admin, and Parents. We're looking at Columbia's site but check out your own institution of higher learning. In fact, check out any universities online career resource section. Not all college websites are password protected. Anyone is free to jump online and avail themselves of the resources and recommendations.

The website College Prowler issues a report card to universities based on their career centers. Pick one of these A+ collage career centers for more EDU JOB support. Within these electronic education employment areas are tools like: online assessment tests, exclusive job boards, community directories, and webinars to name a few.

What's your online alma mater look like?

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