Tuesday, September 20, 2011

expect what you inspect

I heart this online job search idea.

Let me introduce you to Bianca Cadloni. Bianca likes Chipotle, employment, and social media. Her online recipe for job success is to build the Bianca brand around her skills and interests. In this case, we're talkin' 140 bytes of burrito. Yup, this Mexican lovin' maven is tweeting her way into a job.

“When I saw the job listing for social media and public relations coordinator, my heart skipped a beat. It was as if my love of PR, social media and Chipotle came together to give birth to the job description I had been dreaming of since I took my first bite of a sustainable chicken taco. ” - Bianca Cadloni
Bianca has developed a personal website that reflects Chipotle's look and feel. This whole idea is a great way to approach a job search. What brands do you love? Is there a place who's flair or flavor you would consider becoming a champion for? If you could campaign and win entry, what brand would you embrace?
The business world would be a more *spicy* place if we could all go to work for our BFF brand.

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