Monday, September 3, 2012

leave your footprint on the project

Every blog entry needs an injection of Self. Here's mine..  

Some of my Oh So Keen childhood memories include trying desperately to get people to like me. These attempts followed me like a loyal dog into adulthood. My later in life, Do You Like Me list of people is comprised of a new audience - hiring managers. This life changing group of people sit on the golden throne of employment. Getting their approval is task A#1.

Now lets talk law of numbers. I think we all agree that the more you put yourself out there, the more likely it is that you'll get picked. This can be a daunting Do You Like Me effort based on the sheer volume of contacts and repeat communications you need to generate to keep the funnel full. My suggestion this month? JibberJobber.

I can already hear you. What is this JibberJobber? Getting to that, friends.

JibberJobber is an online job search management system. It's a digital resource that helps you keep track of your applications, resumes, and professional connections. The hiring process can now be organized online and seem a little less overwhelming. Check it out, friends. As a reminder, I don't get a free toaster if 10 of you sign up. All I offer is suggestions, no advertising. Note that JibberJobber does have a free version but as usual, the more vamped up version always offers more bells and whistles.



Conclusion: check here if you want to be my friend/hire me.

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