Friday, March 13, 2009

cast a broad net

I rambled on about AWNY in the previous post because I wanted to share with you my experience of a great local professional network. There are soooo many different kinds of these groups out there - you just need to look around and find the ones that have a proper fit for you. For me, this also includes networking with my academic institutions of Ohio and Columbia University.

Within those two schools, there are many networking groups like college groups, alum groups, and career placement groups [this link takes you to a FAB career newsletter for Columbia grads - look for one from your school!] Still within association of the schools, but sitting on the SNS side, are the Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of OU and Columbia – still more groups! 

Side note about finding groups/associations on SNS (Social Networking Sites). Be aware that you might join a group that is not the “real” organizations profile. Although there might be a lot of members, which is good, it might have started outside the formal organization. If you want the real deal – check with the actual group as for its whereabouts.

Even my sorority Delta Gamma has a ton of sub-groups like my original Zeta Rho chapter, my old Cleveland chapter, and my recent tri-state area alum group. All potential contact points for employment!!!

All the groups I have just mentioned are merely a portion of the associations I have, and an excellent starting place to reach out and get the employment conversation rolling. As of this posting, there are twenty-eight followers to this blog [thank you, by-the-way!]. It doesn’t take a secret handshake to make US into a group and a network. Put up those comments, people, to start sharing the outlets and resources in your lives. Ya never know, opportunity could just be waiting for you to click - SEND.


  1. Had a friend share this resource. Looks like they have MANY tools for professional women...

    Fee Based Job Hunting Tools inc:
    There are thousands of career-related books on the market, but very few that are specifically geared to the needs and interests of returning professional women. Women@Work offers a series of e-guides that help you, for example, think through whether this is the right time to return to work, write a compelling resume, master the networking game and develop strong interviewing skills. The e-guides can be purchased separately, or when you join the Women@Work Network (for an annual fee of $79), the e-guides are given to you as a complimentary “Welcome to the Network” gift.

  2. I'm a huge fan of social networks--alumni groups, AWNY (I'm a member, too!!)...but what's important to remember is that it's more than just joining or being present online. It's about getting out there and meeting people FACE to FACE!

    Ask contacts out for a coffee or a drink. Meet new people...get out there!

  3. I am nobody. If anyone asks, you were talking to Nobody.March 16, 2009 at 9:54 AM

    Hi Nicole,

    Once again, I saw an article about job search over the weekend so I thought I mention it to you; it's from PC Mag. This time, it's all websites and not just the social network sites.

  4. Might I say... Bravo!... on the blog. This is my new fav place to visit.
    Lacey ;-)

  5. Amy, Lacey, and Nobody: Thanks for holler.

    Amy, I can't agree more about the face to face. Here's to the next AWNY gathering we can meet at!

    Nobody, you count. Come on. Somebody would miss you if you were gone. And look at the good you have done by contributing your link! It's a great start to one of my future postings.

    Lacey, thanks on the props. Please come again.

    Thanks again all and keep up the blog feedback!
    :-) Nik

  6. This just in from my email interview with Jeff Comerford, a well-versed HR leader:

    Many professions have an Association where people who work in that field or have an interest in it can gather (either online or in person). Doing a simple search using google can help you to identify these if you are not sure (or of course you could ask someone in your network about this). Many of these associations also have job boards on their websites.