Monday, March 16, 2009

a win-win situation

And now, dear friends and followers, we come to a most important recommendation. It just so happens that Amy [a commenter from the previous posting AND an AWNY member ~ hey, hey, hey] has set the conversation topic for the day – make it a point to meet your network connections. Before we launch into that, I just want to remind everyone that I am trying to keep within the frame of the blog topic/mission, which is to locate a job using only a computer/the internet. I completely agree with Amy that meeting face-to-face is the number one way to go, but for now we’ll keep communications web based – online phone calls, Skype, and email. And away we go…!

I’ll start off with the oh-so-smart Lynnette Lebron from Simon & Schuster. During our call a few weeks ago, she dropped that HR departments are “actively recruiting” candidates. Lynnette and her team are “at the helm and ready to go”. When a position opens up and a candidate is needed - they have cherry-picked the best folks for the gig. Nice! How do we become one of these at the ready representatives? Lynnette’s advice is to conduct “exploratory interviews”. Get into the ear of an employer. Start the dialogue for a potential new future. Lynnette says she knows a sincere candidate when she sees one. Another good tidbit Lynnette shares: during an informational interview, “ask for more internal references”. Expand your chances.  Clever, eh?!

Need a little helping hand? This online pdf from FSU [man, I love acronyms] is just what you need. The easy-to-read guide walks you though finding contacts, preparing for an informational interview, questions to consider asking, actually arranging the interview, and of course, follow up.

Have you ever participated on either side of the informational interview process – interviewER or interviewEE? Let’s hear from you…


  1. In this job market has anyone out there actually been able to set up an informational interview?
    I've made over 12 calls (i'm in the NYC market) and can't get to a person who will do this kind of interview.

  2. Thought your informational interview sounded like a good way to get your foot in the door. I've been out of school for 6 years and I never had to go through this. A recruiter came to the University. I followed the link but feel I'm too old now ( 33) to go for an internship. How does someone with age and experience set up an informational interview. I'm in accoounting.

  3. Hi friend - thanks for posting by. Definitely sounds like you have been out there. Got the war wounds to prove it. Just want to real quickly qualify my response to you, I am NOT a pro here. Think more of asking your GF about what you should do. Here goes:
    1. Rule of numbers. Find out how many no's it takes to get to a Yes. Maybe it's two dozen calls/no's to get to one Yes.
    2. Play big. How bad do you want it? Exhust your network to find an In.
    3. Offer some volunteer hours to the company/organization. Be seen.

    Good on for your for being out there. Be committed to a positive outcome.

    :-) Nikki

  4. Howdy Anonymous #2!
    Thanks for coming by. Accounting, a? Know a lot of your kind. Good peeps. So you got picked right out of university and never had to go the process? I'm 32 and have not given up on informational interviews. I do agree that we might be past internships IF it's in an area that we have experience BUT if it is a new area to you maybe a short internship sneak peek works. Find the place, find an IN contact, and ask away. Your future is in YOUR hands.

    Let me know how it goes...
    :-) Nikki

  5. Hey crew just wanted to let you know that through working my networks I found a contact that invited me to the Google NYC office for lunch. Honestly it was one of the best informational interviews I have ever had and not just because the view is amazing and the food is delicious and free. The woman gave me great insight to the company and is working with me to find the right dept for me. Next step is to find and introduce myself to those corresponding hiring managers. I tell you a job is at my finger tips! It's gonna happen for us all.

    :-) Nikki