Saturday, February 28, 2009

in a nutshell

Pop quiz - name some famous couples.  Ready?  Okay... here we go... Lewis and Clark. Rock and roll. Peanut butter and jelly.  Resume and cover letter! [Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?] Where would we be without the favorite companion of the resume – the illustrious cover letter. Oh yes, that swell pastime of sitting and staring at a blank computer screen or piece of paper, trying to summon the gods of writing to help convey your awesome skills and abilities as a potential employee. Sigh, oh how I love delivering myself genuinely time and time again through this one-dimensional communication channel. Arg.

How does one compose a cover letter that connects you with a position and an employer? What words can a person arrange on a page that could possibly launch the hiring manager into action? Surely, putting due consideration into purpose, audience, content, and format are all elements to getting your cover letter to jump to the top of the stack. But let's be realistic and agree that the best way to make things happen is a good old bribe. That never goes out of style. Clearly, I am kidding folks, but here are a few cover letter resources to make the heavens part and deliver you a job, or at darn least an interview!

1) Need some literary handholding? Consider using this pdf worksheet.

2) Maybe you have all the right things to say but you just need a template to get you formatted and moving. My first recommendation is to hit up your local word processing application like Word. If you don’t have Word or are in need of an online template, then Google docs is sporting a great new beta tool you should check out made FOR cover letters.

3) If you are at a total loss and can’t seem to lay anything to a page about yourself, then check out this database of cover letters applicable to many different fields of work.

4) Lastly, this super nice lady has some keen insights about effective cover letters that speaks for itself.

Enjoy, my soon to be employed comrades! 


  1. Hi Nikki,

    Heather again. ;) That PDF link is great, a great reminder of how a cover letter should be. Thanks! Heather

  2. A friend here at work told me about this blog. Your writing is a great read. There's a lot of good stuff in one place here. Keep up the hints. I've got a job but it sucks but haven't been out in the market for 5 years. I've been thinking this is a bad time to be looking, but I'm planing on looking. thanks for the lead on a cover letter. Good Luck to you.

  3. Hey folks - just had a friend share this recent NYT article with me. Has some great Q&A on cover letters. Enjoy.

    A Cover Letter Is Not Expendable

  4. Dear Heather & Friends:
    I heart useful links. The whole crazy idea for this blog is to have ONE PLACE where you can check out the entire spectrum of online job ins and outs. But PLEASE I do love additional direction. Hit me back if you find something new.

    Thanks again and keep up the blog feedback!
    :-) Nik