Sunday, February 8, 2009

it's crunch time

Having a father that worked for his entire adult life at one job has left me with the experience of seeing that at any given downward economic time, his friends and co-workers could be laid off. Our parents [I’m 32] were in for the long haul when they came out of college. Here, now, in NYC - it’s more like every 2-5 years we make a switch. Maybe if we look at this moment like it is as it should be – we can find opportunity amongst the madness. What can I learn from where I am right now?

Personal example: I am currently unemployed [for real].
Opportunity to be realized: I have the time to seriously vet out my options and match my interests and experience to the best possible company/organization. I’m not stuck in something just to pay the bills.

In reality, I’ve got handfuls of friends that are sitting on the bench and not out on the court playing full-time. Seriously, think about it for a sec. How many of YOUR friends and family don’t have a job? [no really, stop and count then post your number or story on the blog] I have so many friends out of work in so many different positions that I could gather us all and start a company just by being able to fill positions because of enormous skill and talent availability. Heck, even in my grad school classes or sitting around with friends getting a drink, a general roll call is given to find out who still has work. Good news/bad news, this too shall pass – but WHEN?! These guys say there's hope in the next couple months, but hey you employed people, does this seem likely? 10 Predictions for 2009. So what do we do now? More on that to come. Can you feel the tension building?


  1. Hey Nikki! Looks like a few of my readers have followed you over here :)

    I totally know what you mean... In the last week, 2 of my other friends have been laid off as well. One of them is 36 and an experienced graphic designer and marketing manager at a non-profit. The other was a VP of corporate communications. These are educated, well-qualified, intelligent and accomplished people and they're benched. It's just the economy. One day things will turn around, I hope that day comes sooner rather than later. In the meantime there are some great positions out there, but they are fewer and farther between than usual, and there is a lot of competition for them.

  2. Laura: Tell me about it…no really, tell me more. ;-P
    I guess I have a story in my head that all the people getting laid off are either not educated or qualified or are easily replaceable. But NO these are some big time people getting the boot. No matter who you are or what you did for a living – this hurts. Gotta stick together I reckon.

    Take care and keep up the blog feedback!
    :-) Nik

  3. Hi Nik - my friend in her 40's who was co-running a national chain of pre-school programs was laid off in January. Hate to think was her co-runner is left to do by herself.

  4. Bec: this thing is getting us at all ages. NO ONE is safe. Think you got education, think again. Think you got experience, think again. Think you got what it takes to be different then everyone else? Think again. There are millions of us out there thinking that we have the market on one or all of these areas. My advice - mastering the Jedi mind trick.

    Wave of hand ~ you WILL give me and a million of my closest friends a job!